Research & Development

  • Pre-project consulting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Set up of custom teams specialized in the necessary production field
  • 3D renderings and fast prototyping to validate client ideas
  • Specialized Vendor sourcing / negotiating
  • Materials and technical solution optimization to meet budget requirements

Design & Planning

  • Space Planning
  • CAD tech drawings
  • Illustration
  • 3D Rendering
  • Technology and Design Integration

Production & Project Management

A. Home & Office Custom Furniture

  • We can process all modern day wood panels into exquisite furniture pieces, we are working with : Chipboard ( PAL), MDF , HPL, HDF , plywood, OSB and massive wood slats  and we can apply a wide variation of finishings like : veneer, paint, varnish, laminate, decals etc.
  • Metallic furniture : shelving, bookcases or any other form of furniture made out of steel or aluminum.
  • Thermoformable Composite Panels produced by the markets leading producers ( Corian, Hi-Macs, etc) are being used to produce worktop surfaces for kitchens , bathrooms and others as well as complex furniture products like reception desks and others.

B. Commercial Furniture

  • Bespoke Point of Sale / company booths / commercial islands,  from design to implementation we can produce almost anything like : portable desks, floating flooring , POS desks and that’s not all , we can also incorporate high end technology to meet the most challenging requirements.


C. Scenography

  • Installations : art display, corporate commissioned installations.
  • Product or Art custom displays made out of various materials like : stone, composite, metal etc


D. Project Management

  • Capacity to direct the design, production and on-site installation.
  • Our creative and production team includes: a project manager,  two interior / product designers, an engineer and a lighting designer.
  • Hot line: dedicated specialized project managers who can resolve your challenges on a daily basis , 24 hrs per day
  • Capacity to monitor production efficiency and quality control.