At Except Custom Solutions, we offer a wide variety of services to help our clients achieve their vision.
This includes pre-project consulting, production management, feasibility studies, 3D renderings, and fast prototyping, as well as vendor sourcing and negotiating, materials or technical solution optimization.
We believe in collaboration and always work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life and are committed to providing the highest level of service and delivering the best possible results.

Project management

Our creative and production team is responsible for the design, production, and on-site installation of your project. The project manager, designers, engineer, and lighting specialist are part of the team monitoring production efficiency and quality control.

They are available to resolve any challenges that come up in a project, 24 hours a day.

Integrated approach for all custom build elements.

Single point of contact for all disciplines.

Multiskilled dedicated team

Smart reallocation of budgets.

Single integrated contractor and PM.

Furniture and installations

Our team of experts work closely with designers to create custom made furniture

that enhances comfort and helps bring your space to life through, textures, colours

or even sound management.

Our shop is equipped to process laminate products, hardwood, natural veneer, and metals.

In addition to furnishing residential or corporate clients, we also provide marketing furniture and signage for large scale events.

Design and execution of custom made furniture in our own shop, we can process multiple laminate products, hardwood , natural veneer and metals.

nternational and local supplier of brand name furniture, multiple suppliers to fill our customer’s demands in terms of design budget and quality.

Marketing furniture and signage for our corporate clients.

Medium and large scale event productions like: presentation stands, scenography, extra large installations etc.

Construction services

We offer a fully integrated design and high-quality construction service, with a single point of contact co-ordinating all resources. This allows us to take care of everything from flooring, walls and glass partitions, to ceilings and mechanical, electrical and plumbing

system installations.

Flooring – high traffic carpets, custom carpets

Natural wood or laminate floor finishings

Partition walls

Glass partitions


Decorative painting and various surface covers

Natural stone and ceramics sourcing and installation

MEP (mechanical , electricity and plumbing ) works

Lighting system installation

Design and planning

Our design service provides all the necessary tools for developing a functional and visually appealing space. We offer concept development, architectural planning,

MEP design, technology and design integration, space planning, and 3D rendering.

We also provide support with finishes, lighting, and colours, as well as build specifications.

Architectural concept development.

Architectural planning.

MEP (mechanical, electricity and plumbing) design.


3D rendering.

Technology and Design integration.

Project research and development

An in-depth analysis that will help to develop the guidelines for aesthetics, functional and technological requirements of the project.

It involves the identification of the project's goals, the clients ambitions, the project's budget and the resources available.


Once these factors have been identified, the next step is to develop a design brief that outlines the project's objectives and the approach that will be taken to achieve them.

Pre-project consulting.

Feasability studies.

Set up custom teams specialized to meet our client’s needs in a professional way

Specialized vendor sourcing/ negotiating.

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